Full-Time Customer Service Area Supervisor

Position Summary:

Supervises and reviews schedules of the store's POS/CS teams (Point-of-Sale/Customer Service). Responsible for training and follow-up to ensure each Associate is working within the guidelines of Kohl's policies and procedures for POS/CS operations. Leads by example and drives Kohl's Customer Service philosophies of "Smile and Say Hi!" and "Yes We Can." Manages Kohl's time-in-line standards. Responsible for all cash office functions. Responsible for ensuring that credit standards are communicated and credit goals are achieved. Participates in the E3 Management Program.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Customer Service:

  • "Smiles and Says Hi!" Leads by example by greeting all customers and Associates with a smile and encourages others to smile and say hi. Assists customers in a friendly, courteous manner.

  • Demonstrates leadership as a problem-solver and decision-maker via the "Yes We Can" policy by efficiently resolving customer's questions and requests; specifically those regarding register purchases and return transactions. Leads fellow Associates through Yes We Can actions and behaviors.

  • Supervises and assists in the accurate and efficient processing of customers' transactions.

  • Ensures adherence to the Company's "2 in-a-line" standard and back-up schedule.

  • Ensures all customer service desk and POS transactions are completed accurately.

  • Uses the 5 step GREAT program while interacting with customers: Greets Customer, Requests Credit, Explains Email, Asks to complete the Survey and Thanks the Customer.

  • Solicits, opens and activates Kohl's Charge applications in accordance with Company standards and motivates others to do the same.

  • Solicits e-mail addresses from customers.

  • Ensures appropriate Associates are knowledgeable of the Gift Registry process and that the Gift Registry is functional and operating.

Certified Trainer (Post-Opening):

  • Facilitates orientation and excellence in Customer Service "Hands-On" classes.

  • Maintains training documentation for Associate files and the hiring board.

  • Maintains training supplies. (i.e. videos, manuals, Associate handbooks, flip charts)

Training and Supervision:

  • Effectively participates in the E3 program following Company best practices and effectively executes Company directives. Observes and coaches Associates as necessary to improve performance and behaviors.

  • Assists in counseling POS/CS Associates as needed on disciplinary issues and procedural opportunities. Provides input on performance appraisals of Associates.

  • Leads and assists with global store communications. (i.e. E3 shift hand-off)

  • Based on unique circumstances by store, may be required to execute store opening and/or store closing procedures as E3 according to Company policy.

  • Ensures new POS Associates/Sales Associates receive required training as detailed by Kohl's training requirements.

  • Ensures compliance with Company policies and procedures on handling Service Desk and Cash Office functions.

  • Maintains the POS Touchbase and Communication Binder and ensures Associate use.

  • Offers suggestions for improvement to Management.


  • Leads and assists team to execute Company standards in the areas of the 5 Basics: replenishment, signing, sizing, clearance and clean store.

  • Assigns tasks and directs workflow to Associates.

  • Implements and reinforces with POS Associates the Company customer service standards as well as the best practices for scanning and bagging in processing transactions.

  • Maintains a high level of presence on the floor to assist POS Associates.

  • Responsible for reviewing the ASSETS Coverage Report to ensure all departments are adequately staffed, paying particular attention to days identified by Corporate as "protected days."

  • Oversees the stores Extended Credit Greeter Program during the Post-Opening period. Assists in identifying greeters, writes greeter schedules, and supervises greeter staff.

  • Authorizes voids and other transactions as needed; makes change and performs cash pick-ups from registers; maintains register supplies of receipt tape, bags and boxes, applications and brochures; maintains cleanliness and organization of the register and service desk areas.

  • Ensures all merchandise returns are re-ticketed and returned to the departments on a timely basis; processes damaged merchandise and the appropriate paperwork per Company guidelines.

  • Responsible for daily functions of the Cash Office including register and cash balancing, change orders and supply ordering.

  • Responsible for register over/short research and follow-up as needed with Associate and/or Loss Prevention.

  • Communicates supply needs such as bags, boxes, etc. to Management for ordering. Maintains an adequate supply of boxes and bags at customer service area to meet customer demand.

  • Identifies and resolves POS register equipment problems; initiates service calls as needed for repairs.

  • Utilizes and adheres to merchandise presentation standards in regards to the 5 Basics: replenishment, signing, sizing, clearance and clean store.


  • Responsible for effectively using Company tools (i.e. Storenet, K-Planner, Communication Books, etc) to plan, communicate and share information with associate store teams.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs/assists in other duties as assigned. Examples may include, but are not limited to: tasks in housekeeping and stocking, sales floor and fitting room recovery, price changes, replenishment, housekeeping duties, and preparation and taking of inventory.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior experience in sales, customer service and other areas interacting with the public.

  • Prior supervisory experience in one of the above environments.

Job Requirements:

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds on an occasional to frequent basis. Greater than 50 pounds = 1 Associate per 50 pounds.

  • Ability to spend up to 100% of work time standing or moving about the departments within the store. Physical activities include bending, stooping, lifting, climbing, carrying, walking and/or reaching on a frequent basis.

  • Adherence to Company policy and procedures is required.

  • Regular attendance is required.

Additional Information:

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.

  • Basic math and reading skills, legible handwriting, and attention to detail.

  • Ability to work as part of a team and interact effectively with others.

  • Critical features of this job are described within this job description. Job responsibilities may change at any time due to business needs.

  • Please discuss requests for reasonable accommodations with hiring manager.

Don't Be Fooled

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