Maintenance Supervisor - Spring Hill, FL

Maintenance Supervisor - Spring Hill, GA
Job Details
Perform duties to plan, assign, supervise, and participate in maintaining the safety, operation, and aesthetics of all elements of grounds, buildings, amenities, and apartments of assigned property or properties in condition that meets established quality standards, making broad decisions requiring considerable initiative and ingenuity and where only general methods are available.
Job Functions:
oTrain, hire, and supervise Maintenance Department staff.
oAssign and check work. Evaluate performance and provide counseling and coaching to employees.
oRecommend, initiate and document disciplinary measures as required. Monitor and record attendance and authorize time cards.
oRecommend maintenance budget levels and related capital equipment purchases, and respond to inquiries or provide documentation in response to related inquiries.
oWork with Community Manager to select and negotiate with local vendors and contractors.
oEstablish maintenance and preventive maintenance schedules and routines
oEstablish and modify priorities to suit changing conditions, and make individual assignments based on the skill and availability of staff and monitor results.
oTrack and determine the status of service requests in computer system and close records for completed orders.
oEnsure that maintenance related documentation is current and accurate, including EPA logs, MSDS sheets, smoke detector records, asset inventory, fire, compactor, and pool logs ensuring that records are current and meet requirements.
oMonitor inventories of parts, supplies, and materials, place orders ensuring that inventories meet prescribed levels.
oEnsure that parts, materials and supplies are properly stored and that shop is maintained in safe and orderly condition.
oMonitor the move-in and move-out inspections process, conduct and document inspections.
oParticipate in and monitor maintenance activities involving response to service requests, painting or general maintenance of grounds, snow and ice removal, pool, amenities, club house and apartment homes, as well as apartment home housekeeping and preventive maintenance.
oArrange for the movement and installation of equipment and furnishings within offices and common or amenity areas.
oDetermine repair, material, and supply requirements and perform any range of repairs involving mechanical, electrical, plumbing or HVAC systems or units. Determine the need for outside contractors and negotiate and schedule related assignments, monitoring progress and results.
oAvailable for "on call" duty, nights and weekend work.
Use mathematics together with the analytical use of complicated drawings, manuals, and schematics, and use various types of precision measuring instruments, such as gauges, meters, and electrical testers. Equivalent to up to 3 years applied trades training on a particular or specialized occupation, requiring knowledge of mechanics, electrical systems, HVAC systems, and plumbing. Work requires Certified Pool Operator and Environmental Protection Agency Level I and II certifications for utilization of pool and charging HVAC systems.
Over five years required to be fully familiar with required techniques, equipment, systems, documentation, monitoring the work of others, and work routines.
Regular physical effort required performing mechanical repairs which is equivalent to continuously lifting or moving average weight material. Physical activity includes walking, squatting, bending, pushing, and climbing ladders as needed. Frequently lifts over 25 lbs. and up to 60 lbs. and occasionally lifts up to 150 lbs. with assistance for heavier activity such as moving appliances. Perform snow removal (if applicable).

Salary : $35,360 Annual

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